BTS Calendar

Week of August 24 – 28
  • Program Managers send out initial launch email to all Workplace volunteers encouraging volunteers to create fundraising pages on our website:
  • Fundraising for the month of September– back to school and Programs kickoff!
  • Website will include fundraising kit and additional tips and information on how to fundraise
Week(s) of August 31 – September 11
  • Special Events Team will follow up directly with volunteers who already began fundraising or volunteers who expressed interest to see what additional support / questions they need
  • Zoom Info & Brainstorming Session for interested volunteers hosted by SE + WMC
  • Special Events Team continue to ask Bigs if they are interested in fundraising or hosting virtual events to support
September 14 – early October
  • Fundraising continues, opportunities for active volunteers to host their own fundraising events
  • Final $ amount raised during the campaign will be announced via our social media and email directly to volunteers and donors

Thank you to our sponsors!

Floresta Partners
TD Bank
Bank of China