2018 Walk for the Kids

Paloma's Team

On a sunny Christmas’ Eve’s morning, my dad gathers his family and friends around a big truck full of clothes, toys, and food. We were heading to the poorest neighborhood in my hometown Cali, Colombia to give away some of the things that others were not able to get as often. These types of events were common when I was growing up as my dad taught us to always help those in need.

I was a Big Sister in Clearwater, FL before joining the BBBS team there. Being a Big Sister helped me understand how important the role of a mentor is. If you go around and ask your friends and family about a person that impacted their life, a good portion of them will come out with different names of people that marked their lives and made them stronger.

In efforts to keep supporting a program I really believe in, I invite you to join my Walk for Kids team! Any amount, great or small, helps Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City change the lives of underserved children by providing them with caring adult mentors who help to expand their horizons and enrich their futures.

Once again, thank you for your generous support!

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