2017 Race for the Kids


NFL is proud to sponsor a Workplace Mentoring Program. This program is a collaborative effort between schools, corporations and BBBS of NYC, and introduces students to the world of business through a one-to-one relationship. Every other week, teenagers are brought to companies in New York City where they meet with a Big Brother or Sister. By bringing students on-site, not only do youngsters bond with an adult volunteer, but they also learn they can make it in the business world. As a result, 91% of students completing the program want to go on to college, 87% report an improvement in school, and 88% believe they can pursue a business career. In addition, 89% of the adult volunteers reported an increase in self-esteem and 86% felt their work life improved.

Thank you for visiting my Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City Race for the Kids Personal Page! During these challenging economic times, the need to come together as a community could not be stronger. Any amount, great or small, helps Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City change the lives of underserved children by providing them with caring adult mentors who help to expand their horizons and enrich their futures. I greatly appreciate any support that you can afford BBBS and will keep you posted on my progress.

Once again, thank you for your generous support!


Quotes from Bigs & Littles:


Little Alex: By being a little brother at the NFL I get to see how football happens behind the scenes. I met the Events Team and learned how they put together the draft. Best of all? I got to play football on the field at Giants (MetLife) Stadium.

Big Joanna: The most memorable program was watching Characters Unite documentary with our littles and having a very honest conversation about bullying and intolerance. It was a tough program, but spurred amazing discussion.

Little Valerie: "When did you know you were a mutant?" Melody Hobson asked me this when I mer her with my Big Sister Maya. Sounds funny right? She mean when did you realize you have a strong drive for life? I've always but, but beign al ittle make me see how being myself will help me succeed like Maya and Melody.

Big Dan: program has impacted my life by giving me the chance to hear the thoughts of NYC youth. My relationship with Gene has taught me about the issues facing today's youth and also a bit about how rap music has changed for the worse. by alking about important issues facing youth today I have learned to be a better person and slow down occassionally.   

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