2019 Big-Little Challenge

Big Pride

Big Pride is a group of socially conscious and inclusive minded individuals formed as part of Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC. Our mission is to help ensure that youth of all gender and sexual identities have access to progressive and affirming role models, in addition to developing impactful programming for BBBS of NYC.

Vision: We strive to offer a safe environment for youth by creating inclusive programs while connecting BBBS of NYC to LGBTQIA+ serving organizations. We also aim to draw diverse mentors for ALL youth from the LGBTQIA+ community, thereby encouraging progress and fostering evolved world views

Thank you for visiting our Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City The Big-Little Challenge page! Any amount, great or small, helps Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City change the lives of underserved children by providing them with caring adult mentors who help to expand their horizons and enrich their futures.

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